About us

Welcome to more-4-pets we are a family-run business, run by myself Marie, and Simon along with our furry friend Dallas who loves to steal and test all the delicious tasty treats each month.

We started more-4-pets back in 2017 as a local door-to-door service for family and friends. Our love and passion for all animals has driven us to where we are today. We pride ourselves on providing the very best service for you and all your furry friends. Due to our rising popularity, we decided to expand our business and we now deliver all over the UK and make 100s of tails wag every single month.

Why choose us

Here at more-4-pets we only use the very best hand-selected 100% natural treats, all sourced from our local British farms.

None of our treats contain any nasties or badness such as additives, flavorings or preservatives, and strictly no rawhide or chemicals. And all our treats are air-dried using a natural process.

All our treats have many health benefits for a happy healthy pet. Each month we carefully handpick a different selection of delicious treats, tried and tested by our very own Dallas, who always gives us a massive paws up.

There are many reasons to switch to natural treats, here are just some of the health benefits:

  • Rich in nutrients and full of omega 3
  • Contains natural vitamins A, B, and vitamin D
  • Great for dental care, helping to fight and reduce plaque and tartar
  • Hairy rabbit ears are a natural dewormer
  • Most of our treats are extremely low in calories and fats
  • Some of our treats are great for sensitive tummies and allergies

Rawhide bones and other edible chews can pose a choking and blockage risk. If your dog swallows large pieces of rawhide, the rawhide can get stuck in the oesophagus or other parts of the digestive tract. Rawhide also contains loads of different toxic chemicals. Salmonella or E.coli contamination is also possible. A lot of dogs are allergic to rawhide because of the toxins used in making it, which can make your pet very unwell.

Here are just some of the reasons why we don’t use rawhide at more-4-pets

  • Full of toxins and nasty chemicals
  • Digestive irritation (which can cause allergic reactions
  • Rawhide does not digest
  • swallowed pieces of rawhide can swell up and cause a blockage and even require surgery.